1963-1967                  Brooklyn College, City University of New York

                                  Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
1967-1969                  Hunter College, School of Social Work, City Uni-        

                                  versity of New York
                                  Master of Social Work
1972-1975                  Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, New York

                                  three-year program of psychoanalytically-oriented 



1975                           certificate received, Institute for Contemporary                      

                                  Psychotherapy, New York 

1975-1985                  Martin Bergmann, New York
                                  advanced training in
psychodynamic and analytic



1982-1988                  private case seminars in psychodynamic and analytic

                                  psychotherapy and psychoanalysis conducted by

                                  training analysts of the New York Psychoanalytic   

                                  Institute, New York    


Professional Experience


1968-1969                  Faculty, Hunter College School of Social Work

                                  Child Care Project, New York, New York

                                  developed and coordinated federally-funded project                                    

                                  for training indigenous workers in child care institu-

                                  tions, taught and counselled trainees


1968-1970                  Mobilization for Youth, New York, New York

                                  coordinator, Psychiatric Technicians Program

                                  developed and administered the first training                                                                                   program for psychiatric technicians in New York City  

                                  psychiatric hospitals, counselled, supervised and

                                  taught training groups


1970-1971                  Essex County Community Fund, Essex County, New                                                     Jersey
                                  director, adolescent treatment program

                                  developed both treatment and outreach programs for

                                  teenage substance abusers

                                  individual and group treatment of program members


1971-1972                  Chelsea Coordinating Committee, New York, New  


                                  clinical director, residental treatment facility for                                                                              adolescents


1972-1973                  Brooklyn Psychiatric Center, Brooklyn, New York

                                  Psychiatric Social Worker, individual treatment of                                                                            adolescents and adults

1972-1992                  private practice in New York, New York

                                  psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis                                                                          with adults and adolescents

                                  supervision of psychotherapists




1992                           relocation to Germany

1993-1996                  Universitätsklinik Ulm, psychosomatic department

                                  participation in research project on anorexia
1998                           recognition of American training and certificates 

                                  by the German national association of SHI physicians


1999                           Certificate of psychological psychotherapy
                                  registration in the Association of Statutory Health     

                                  Insurance Physicians

1997-2008                   private practice for psychodynamic psychotherapy                                                                          and psychoanalysis in Ulm/Neu-Ulm


2008-                          private practice for psychodynamic psychotherapy                                                                          and psychoanalysis in Berlin